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Diane J. Weiss, MD, MPH

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

435 North Bedford Drive,
Suite 404
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

310 . 273 . 8448 Office
310 . 550 . 6824 Fax
Monday – Friday 8AM – 6PM
Saturday – Sunday Closed
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Dr. Diane accepting new patients?

    I am generally accepting new patients. My availability varies. We would first need to be in contact (phone or email) to establish our initial appointment.

    • In-person, video, and telephone appointments are available.

    How long are the sessions?

    Approximately 50 minutes.

    Do you accept insurance?

    I will assist with insurance forms so that you can access the maximal amount of insurance your plan will provide. I am not affiliated with any insurance plans. You would need to pay me, and then collect what you can from your insurance company.

    Forms of payment

    My office does not accept credit cards. Most people pay either by check, or through Zelle.

    What is Dr. Diane’s background?

    Please refer to the “ABOUT DR. DIANE” page of this website.

    What types of difficulties does Dr. Diane treat?

    Please refer to the “TYPES OF CARE” page of this website.

    What kind of therapy does Dr. Diane provide?

    Please refer to the “TYPES OF CARE” page of this website.

    What kind of philosophy does Dr. Diane have regarding helping people as a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and psychopharmacologist?

    Please visit to the “ABOUT DR. DIANE” page for more info.

    If I am interested in seeing Dr. Diane, what should I do?

    Phone Contact Dr. Diane at (310) 273-8448 and leave her a voice mail message as to when you would be available for a call, and what time would be the latest she should call you back at night.
    EmailContact Dr. Diane with your questions, either through the Contact Form on this page or separately at
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    About Dr Diane

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    Types of Care

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